90 Day Love-It or Send-It-Back Guarantee!

90 Day Love-It or Send-It-Back Guarantee!



Experience Lifeloom's Frictionless Sheets and get a free pillowcase!

Visit us at Las Vegas Market starting January 23, 2021. We've partnered with Englander and will be located in C1596.

Retailers will have a chance to try our engaging demonstration unit, get to know our team, and feel a first-of-its-kind product that's Made in the USA.

Plus, get a free pillowcase!

Lifeloom Sheets with Dermatherapy® technology improves sleep as the only FDA-cleared bed linens. Scientifically tested, our sheets and pillowcases improve sleep for those looking for a proven way to stay cool and for people who endure conditions that make sleep a challenge.

We look forward to meeting you in Vegas!